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The Dakotas are big grain farming states, growing corn as far back as 300 years ago. Unlike then, we have access to new technology in order to strategically grow better crops and see better profits. We work to help you get the most from your grain operation.

AGI SureTrack Products

You may have noticed the face of our products has changed a little, IntelliFarms is now proudly AGI SureTrack. As an official dealer, we offer a full line of AGI SureTrack products to farms in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Our role is to work as a partner with farmers to better understand their grain and reach new heights. We guarantee that our products will be the right fit for each farm-site – Unlike other grain management companies, we visit each farm to help manage installation.

Featured Products


Nothing else manages your grain’s hydration or temperature like this without sacrificing quality.


Find the best cash market opportunities with real-time grain bids near your location.


Get real-time status updates of your crop in the field, including weather, pressure, and soil data.


Bushels Managed


Acres Managed

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