Understand Your Seed With Our Expansive Search Engine.

You should never jump into grain bin management before you know the seed. Get access to one of the nation’s most complete databases on corn and soybean seed performance, which combines all field trial data into one centralized place.

Fast Facts
  • Over 1.5 million field trial studies
  • 10,000 current corn & soy hybrids on the market
  • 10 years of data
  • 1,500 U.S. counties
  • 500+ seed companies represented

Location-Based Performance

Explore reliable, ranked lists of field trial performers in your area automatically – no more digging and doing it yourself. It’s easy, dependable, and proven.

When you already know what you’re looking for, view performance of a specific variety. You’re able to filter by soil type, brand/variety of seed, irrigation, and zip code.