Manage Bulk Tank Inventories Efficiently

TankManager is your solution to inventory accuracy and seamless operation when monitoring liquid and propane bulk tanks. This program allows you to see inventory levels on every bulk tank in your operation in real time.

Because TankManager has customizable settings, you no longer have to guestimate when to reorder. You’re able to customize how you use TankManager by inputting your preferred suppliers, setting inventory level alerts, and choosing manual or automatic ordering options.

Installation is simple. It’s as easy as using the built-in magnet to position the monitor where you want it, plugging in the sensor, and removing the magnet to allow data to transmit.

Solution Highlights
  • Access your bulk tank inventories with an internet connection from anywhere at any time.
  • Get email and text notifications for high levels, low levels, and more when you want them
  • Free-up time and resources by letting TankManager check your tank gauges.
  • Conveniently access information through shortcuts located on the sidebar and Dashboard of your SureTrack FARM or SureTrack PRO account.
  • Use TankManager with any tank- old or new.