BinCheck & BinCheck Deluxe

Monitor Your Grain Safely From The Ground.

You no longer need to climb your grain bins to guess what’s happening on the inside. BinCheck allows your grain storage monitoring to happen while you’re on-site, decreasing manual labor and chances of accidents. This tool uses the AGI Suretrack Bluetooth App to easily

BinCheck Deluxe

Need to access your data from anywhere? Get all the same features and manage your grain bins from any location at any time with BinCheck Deluxe.

BinCheck and BinCheck Deluxe deliver accurate temperature and moisture readings by taking several measurements throughout the entire bin, giving you a complete and precise look at the grain. How do we do this? We use AGI SureTrack patented 3G Plus™ Cables.

These programs are smart solutions for on-site or off-site grain bins that don’t have fans and heaters to automate. If you have fans and heaters, BinManager is a better fit for you.

Zero-Entry Means No Accidents

Easily access bin data in real-time without risking entrapment. With BinCheck and BinCheck Deluxe, you can complete details on site and access your data from a safe position via Bluetooth app – a computer or internet access is NOT needed; however, with BinCheck Deluxe, you can access your data from any device using your SureTrack FARM account. This system doesn’t require manual entry for maintenance, either.

BinCheck Deluxe
Real-Time Data
Bluetooth App
Monitor Temp
Monitor Moisture
3D Critical Bin Data
Email & Text Alerts
Off-Site Control
Connects to SureTrack FARM