About Us

IntelliFarms Northern Division

We are an agtech company bringing grain bin management solutions to farms. We have an evergrowing staff of 16 employees and 7 outside sales reps. Our goal is to ensure you get the most from your grain.


IntelliFarms Northern Division, Inc. started when a local farmer named Jared thought there had to be something to help farmers get more for their grain.

Jared had researched BinManager by IntelliFarms and thought it was the best fit for him. After having BinManager in his bin for only a short time, Jared realized the potential this had for other local farmers to save money.

He became a dealer for IntelliFarms – and eventually became the owner of IntelliFarms Northern Division, Inc. Since then, the company has expanded into four offices and three states. Jared is now in his 12th year working with IntelliFarms, growing and expanding with every opportunity.

Community Focused

One of Jared’s favorite things about running this company is being a partner with all the local farmers, knowing he can help get them higher profits and less dockage at the elevators.

Jared and his wife Lacey have enjoyed giving back to the local churches as well. Jared brings this belief into the spirit of IntelliFarms.

Intellifarms & AGI SureTrack

We are now working with AGI to make our products even better as AGI SureTrack. You’ should see some rebranding of our products.