A 2-Foot Piece of Mind

Effective grain management starts with a reliable and accurate bin monitoring system. The difference between a good and bad system can mean the difference between profits and losses. That’s why it’s important to understand the technology behind a grain monitoring system before making a decision.

One of the standout features in grain bin management systems needed to maximize grain quality and characteristics is sensor spacing.

John Lawrence, now a part of Intellifarms Northern Division, explains, “by spacing our sensors two feet apart, we’re able to capture and compute more data points.” This is in contrast to the industry standard of four feet between sensors, or even further apart in some commercial bins.

Lawrence emphasizes that accurate sensor placement is crucial for effective grain management. The variance in accurate readings for sensors spaced at four feet is between 10 and 12%, which can translate to a potential loss of $15,000 in a 30,000-bushel bin. By contrast, the two-foot spacing ensures a much higher level of accuracy.

IFND bin management systems are tailored to the specific needs of each grower, based on the type of commodity being stored, crop rotation, and bin size. The system is not determined by sales quotas or fluctuating parameters, but by a straightforward standard that ensures peak efficiency.

At Intellifarms Northern Division, customer relationships are built on trust and expertise. The team works closely with customers to determine the best course of action for each unique situation. For example, if a grower is considering hydrating a bin with varying levels of moisture, the Intellifarms Northern Division team can use data from their system to provide expert guidance.

The bottom line is that effective grain management requires a reliable and accurate bin monitoring system. Advanced sensor spacing and a tailored approach make it a top choice for growers looking to maximize profits and minimize losses. When considering a grain monitoring system, it’s important to work with a trusted advisor to ensure that your system is optimized for your specific needs.